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Join Belly dancing classes near your area with the Very best Dance Academy in Delhi | Mumbai. Because belly dancing increased its popularity in India; Zenith Dance Academy based in Delhi along with Mumbai decided to reveal our dance expertise having fascinated students.

Anyone can learn and enjoy Belly dancing with Zenith Dance Academy!
The art of Belly Dancing has its wonderful advantages:
Belly Dancing in Delhi | Mumbai: Belly dancing is an elegant form of dance originated in "Middle East". Its most founded expression of dance establishes in older societies. Belly Dancing is extremely prevalent dance form in India nowadays particularly youngsters affection to learn and perform belly dancing. Some of the time we utilize diverse music other than traditional belly music like Bollywood, Hip-Hop and combination to make something new, eye satisfying and entertaining.

Take in Belly Dancing from expert educators at Zenith Dance Academy. We are showing 3 levels under belly dance sessions starting:

Indian Shakira top 10 contestant in "Dance India Dance" and certified belly teacher of Zenith.
She is also been travelling all around the country for movies, serials and albums on TV.

Belly instructor from UNI (Ukraine) and won many awards around the world.


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Belly Fitness tips:

Belly dancing is the most ideal approach to practice and keep your gut fit. Belly dancing helps you to enhance flexibility, better coordination and body postures; it additionally serves to tone up your arms, legs, back and stomach area.

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